Guangzhou Feineng Electronic Co., Ltd was founded in 2005. we professional in produce the electrical products such as high frequency transformer series, filter and ferrite inductor series, new energy amorphous inductance, all kinds of extruded aluminum enclosure ,inverter enclosure series, switching power supply enclosure, chassis, radiator fin hardware series,  we also are the one-stop sourcing high-quality platform of power supply factory. We offer a range of services from electronic components to cases.  
    Since 2015, the company has been developing rapidly. In order to adapt to the market demand, we have established our own engineering department, specializing in the production of fully automatic machine equipment, including high frequency transformer sucker type full automatic magnetic core assembly with tray machine, double vibration tray semi-automatic soldering machine,12-axis full automatic winding machine,UU9.8 UU10.5 filter inductor magnetic core automatic assembly & test with tray machine,high frequency transformer & filter inductor automatic wrap tape machine,vibration tray type automatic magnetic core assembly & test machine etc.
Our products be widely used to power inverter, router, led driver , led switching power supply, all kinds of chargers,stage lighting power source , transformer and power supply field and so on.
Welcome the customers to the factory to discuss, welcome the peer and competitors criticism, welcome the person with lofty ideals to join us!

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