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Waterproof Inverter Enclosure

Our factory are committed to produce high quality waterproof inverter enclosure for 15 years , we are the top seller on south of China,pls send your design drawing and let us know the size. any color you can choose. one completed inverter enclosure include upper casing , under casing and front & rear panels, you are free to choose the panels with drilling or without drilling. we have many finished models for you choose the available size, but if you have your own idea to design, it is wonderful to customize, we welcome of it....

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The advantage of super aluminum alloy enclosure compare with  plastic enclosure

The advantage 1 : the hand feeling is better

The aluminum alloy enclosure has been oxidized, so you will feel comfortable and smooth when you hold it.And metal dissipates heat quickly, making it cool to hold hands in the summer.At the same time, the metal shell is more delicate and beautiful, atmospheric.

The advantage 2: Strong and not easy to fragile

Aluminum enclosure of mobile power supply or inverter is more and more strong and resistant believe this, as you know, when you accidentally put the inverter to the ground and if it is plastic enclosure the inverter would fracture or directly was smashed to pieces, but a inverter won't have this situation happened,

This is plastic enclosure cannot compare with  aluminum alloy case, also,  the aluminum alloy material is fireproof.

The advantage 3:more better safty performance

Through the above introduction believe everyone know that the aluminum alloy inverter enclosuree relative the advantages of plastic inverter , I believe you will make the right choice when buy inverter 

Our product can meet waterproof IP65 IP66 IP67 IP68 if without drilling of the panels

We  are committed to produce high quality waterproof inverter enclosure , welcome !

Product detail

Quick Details

Protection Level:IP67

Type:Switch Box

External Size:W*H=150*69.8mm L:random

Application:Power inverter

Color:Silver,Gray,Red,Blue,Gold,Black etc

Offer OEM Order:All size of products

Material:Aluminum Alloy



Product Name:Electrical Junction Boxes

Function:Installing Wire

Packaging &Delivery

Packaging Details

Standard export carton

Delivery Time

Shipped within 5days after pay

High  quality waterproof inverter enclosure apply to inverter , pcb board, power supply, led driver, led light etc.

Please choose any of our available finishes, as well as the cutouts, fasteners,screws,or go with your own full customer design based on the extruded side rails. we will build your enclosure for you in 5-7days, send your original drawing to us, we will follow it to send the update one to fix the design.



Many customers don't know the difference of the extruded aluminum and die-cast aluminum ,actually,our waterproof inverter enclosure is made by extruded aluminum instead of die cast aluminum. what is extrude aluminum? 

Extruded aluminum sections are long strips with a uniform section, commonly known as sawn sections from any length, the shape is the same,and if you look closely you can see some fine extrusion lines. For example, square pipe, round pipe, aluminum bar and Angle aluminum are the simplest extruded aluminum profiles. While die-cast aluminum products have no fixed section and shape, die-cast aluminum products are cast, one by one, without the need for you understand now?



The below waterproof inverter  enclosure size  only for width and height, because the length(depth) is variable. If the finished size  cannot meet your needs,  customize is  available.  please send me your drawing, we can accept designs from your CAD with any of the CAD formats 

Main character:

  • Designed to P.C. boards house or other equipments.

  • Easy wall mounting with two panles with screws. 

  • Sized for standard P.C boards.

  • P.C. boards mount horizontally by sliding into internal slots extruded into the casing body.

  • Two piece cases - with easily removable panles for easy access to top interior of enclosure.

  • Extruded cases & aluminum end plates with a choice of either color anodized finish.


Various  surface treatments, such as anodize to many kinds of colors, sandblast,  drawing polishing, electroplating ,
 silkscreen  printing for our enclosureimage015.png


Why choose us ?

  1. More than 12 years’ production experience.

  2. high-efficiency management process

  3. Super design ability by creative design team.

  4. Comply with CE, ISO,ROHS certification.

  5. Feneng earned 55 innovation awards.

  6. Competitive price and good after-service.


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