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What Is Aluminum Extruded Enclosure
Jun 02, 2018

What is Aluminum extruded enclosure 6060 t5 material?

6063 T5
It is cooled by high temperature forming process and then manually aged.
It is suitable for products that are artificially aged after cooling by high temperature forming process without cold processing (straightening and leveling can be carried out without affecting the limit of mechanical properties)

6063 t6
The state of artificial aging after a solid solution heat treatment.
Suitable for products that are no longer cold-processed (straightening, leveling, but not affecting the limit of mechanical properties) after solid solution heat treatment.

Generally, the alloy of 6063 is in T4 and T6 states:
Their physical differences:
State tensile strength yield strength elongation hardness (a) shear strength fatigue strength (b)
MPa ksi MPa ksi sample thickness
T4 241 35 145 21 22 65 165 24 97 14
T6 310 45 276 40 12 95 207 30 97 14

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